Required Time: 10 Minutes. Difficulty Level: Basic User. Requirements: Apps, Cover.

Did you ever receive a call from someone who didn't start speaking to you? Instead, the person (unwillingly) let you hear a background conversation and the sound of hissing and rustling stuff against the phone speaker. We almost all have at some point. Likewise, we probably accidentally pocket dialed someone else ourselves before. Aside from making a nonsense call, at least a few of us had unnecessary, and sometimes expensive, dialing charges. Here are 5 tips for preventing your Samsung Galaxy phone from pocket dialing.

Tip 1: Turn off the screen in your pocket automatically

Imagine your Galaxy’s screen turns and stays off when you put it in your pocket or bag. And when you whip your phone back out, it automatically turns on and displays the Home instead of the Lock screen. Sounds cool? It is! This trick is done with Smart Screen Off, a light weight super app available in a free LITE and a paid PRO version. The difference between the two is that the PRO version’s settings can be changed. If you have an old Samsung Android phone, make sure to test the LITE version first to see whether the proximity sensor of the phone is sensitive enough.

Take a look at the app’s manual or watch the app in action in this video:

Tip 2: Use a cover

This is kind of simple but a cover can not only prevent a Samsung Galaxy from pocket dialing your ex but also keep it from scratches, obviously. By the way, original Samsung covers are a lot cheaper on Amazon than on the Samsung website.

samsung galaxy s3 cover

Tip 3: Set a PIN, password, pattern or face unlock

On your Galaxy, go to Settings > Security and tap Screen lock under Screen security. Depending on your phone model and Android version, you should be presented with a menu to select a PIN, password, and a pattern or face unlock. While not as magical as the Smart Screen Off app, it’s still a great way to prevent pocket dialing as well as unauthorized access to your device.

set pin password pattern face unlock samsung galaxy android ics

Tip 4: Call confirm apps

Call Confirm apps are a way to reduce the likelihood of making unintended calls by inserting an extra step between dialing and calling: confirming that you want to call. Tiny Call and Call Confirm are two apps that use a button-like confirmation box where you have to press a button on the display to confirm the call. However, such a button might actually be accidentally touched in your pocket as well. I think a better alternative is to use an app that confirms by sliding: Call Confirm Slider.  After dialing, the app asks that you slide your finger over the screen in order to place the call. Accidentally sliding a slider is less likely to happen than touching a button.

call confirm app

Tip 5: Remove direct dial from the Home screen

A useful shortcut for calling the people you communicate with most is to place a Direct dial shortcut on the Home screen. But doing so also increases the likely hood of pocket dialing them. While not as direct as placing these shortcuts on the Home screen, positioning them on one of the additional screens (perhaps the second screen) decreases the likelihood of making an unintended call.

move direct dial from homescreen samsung galaxy android ics