Required Time: 10 Minutes. Difficulty Level: Basic User. Requirements: SD Card.

After the Android operating system and some of Samsung’s own apps have been installed at the factory, there isn't a lot of space left if you regularly install new apps. At some point, you may not be able to install any more apps because the disk space has been used up. Having too many apps on the device’s internal storage can also slow down the system. Getting an external SD card that is optimized for being fast on mobile devices (i.e. SanDisk Mobile Ultra) is the way to freeing up the disk space you need.

On Android devices higher than 2.2, apps can be moved to the external SD card but some apps, such as system apps, cannot be moved at all (unless you’re using special apps for this purpose that only work if your device is rooted, which means hacked open for third party apps). Let’s take a look at how to move the apps on a regular non-rooted Samsung Galaxy.

Step 1: List all apps in the Applications menu

Press the Menu button and tap Settings, then select Applications:

android applications screen

Step 2: Move apps to the external SD card

Tap on each app one after another and see whether the Move to SD card button can be tapped. If yes, you can move the app to the SD card. If the button is greyed out, the app cannot be moved and has to stay on the phone.

android app info screen

After you’ve gone through each of the installed apps and moved all movable apps to the SD card, it is recommended to move all pictures, videos, and music to the SD card as well so that your phone can run in the cleanest state possible.  There are many ways to do this such as using a mobile file management program on a computer. For now, here are the steps to do this by using just your phone or tablet:

Tap the Applications icon. Open the yellow Files folder.

In the Files folder, you can open the folders where your media files are located. For example, if you open the Download folder, you will see all files that you downloaded. Tap the Menu button and select Move. Next, select all the files you’d like to move and tap the Move button.

Select External SD card, then tap the corresponding folder (i.e. the download folder) or create a new folder into which you’d like to move the files to. Tap the Move here button and you’re done.