Difficulty Level: Basic User

When you type a message on a Samsung Android device, the closest possible words to what you are typing are shown as a suggestion above the keyboard if the XT9 feature is turned on. If you misspell a word or wish to remove one, it is easy to do so by editing the dictionary. You can access the feature with just a few taps:

Step 1: Open Samsung keypad settings

Open a SMS message and tap the settings key. Then tap XT9 advanced settings.

enter xt9 settings android dictionary

Step 2: Edit the dictionary

Once inside the XT9 advanced settings, scroll down and tap on XT9 my words. This is where all your added words are stored. From here you can tap on a word and then edit it. To delete a word, press the Menu key and select Delete. You can also add new words in this menu instead of using the message editor when you type a message to add new words. To add a new word, press the Menu key and select Add.

edit mispelled words android dictionary samsung

The path to the Android dictionary may be different on other phones. Some other manufacturer’s Android phones don’t have this feature at all. As for Samsung’s version of Android, Touchwiz, editing the Android dictionary to add and delete words or to edit a misspelled word can usually be done by looking for the XT9 menu.