Required Time: 5 Minutes. Difficulty Level: Basic User. Requirements: Display Brightness.

Save time when adjusting display brightness in only one step! The developer RUBBERBIGPEPPER of the free app “Display brightness” came up with a smart way to change the brightness of your display without having to go into the Settings menu. Usually the path to adjust this setting is Settings > Display > Brightness. But with this clever app, you’ll do so by touching a transparent slider controller at the top bar of your Samsung Galaxy. Here’s how:


Step 1: Install Display brightness app

Download the app from the Google Play store and install it. Once launched, you will see the setup screen, where you can change the design of the controller. 

display brightness app

Step 2: Make the slider controller transparent

Scroll down in the setup menu and checkmark the box for Auto hide indicator.

display brightness settings

Step 3: Adjust brightness with one tap

Now comes the cool part. In the top bar of your Samsung Galaxy, touch one time and the brightness slider controller appears. Once you take off your finger, it disappears again and secretly hides at the top!

display brightness effect