Required Time: 1 Minute. Difficulty Level: Basic User.

Got an incoming call and don’t want to be annoyed? Mute it with Samsung’s new Motion gesture! With the Android 4.x update, Samsung added four motion gestures to their version of Android called Touchwiz, which lets you do cool stuff with your phone. One of them is called Turn over to mute. When you have incoming calls and playing sounds, all you have to do is flip the phone to mute it. How cool is that!

You can simulate how it works right now without anyone having to call you. Take your Samsung phone and press the Menu button. Go to Settings > Motion and checkmark the Motion activation box. Next, tap “Turn over to mute” and then tap on “Learn about turn over”:

turn over to mute gesture samsung touchwiz

Tap the Try button and your Samsung phone will simulate a situation where someone calls and you flip the phone to mute it:

incoming call motion gesture simulation

The next time someone calls and you just don’t want to pick up the phone, flip it and you’ll have peace. The caller won’t think that you pressed the hang up button either. The phone will just keep ringing for him until your voice mail goes on if you have one.