Required Time: 1 Minute. Difficulty Level: Basic User.

If someone keeps bothering you with annoying phone calls, put his number on the blacklist. Sometimes people keep interrupting us by constantly calling. Annoying sales reps may try to reach us regularly. Or, perhaps we just don’t want to be available for a certain set of people during specific times. In any of these situations, put the person who is calling on the reject list on your Samsung Galaxy phone and they won’t be able to reach you until you take them off again. Please note that not all Samsung Android phones support this feature. Here’s how to do it:

On your Galaxy, look up the Contact you wish to block. Long-press the Contact and tap Add to reject list.

block unwanted calls

If you want to the person to be able to reach you again, long-press the Contact and tap Remove from reject list.

block unwanted calls

Did this trick work on your Samsung Galaxy phone? If yes, please confirm your success and what phone model you have in the comments box below. Thank you!