Difficulty Level: Basic User. Requirements: SD Card.

Using new sound effects is easy. All you need to do is download sound files from Zedge.net and assign them on your Samsung Galaxy. If you’re tired of hearing the same sound effects for ringtones, alarms, and notifications on your phone, or if you just don’t like the onboard sound selection, you can easily add your own and assign the sound in any way you like. Zedge.net currently offers over 700,000 sound effects ranging from message and ring tones to country, rock, dance, and countless other sound snippets. You can even get iPhone or Nokia sound effects and use them on your Android device. All of the files can be downloaded for free and there is no limit to how many files you can select to use. Here’s how to do it:

You can download the Zedge app from the Google Play store and use your mobile to download and assign sound effects by following the on-screen instructions from within the app. However, considering the large number of files available, it may be better to select files using your computer. This tutorial covers the procedure for assigning sound effects using a computer.

Step 1: Connect phone to computer as USB 

Insert a SD memory card into your Galaxy if you don’t have one yet. Plug the phone to the computer with a USB cable. If your model is detected as a USB storage device automatically, a window will show up on your computer and you can open the folder to view its content. If your phone does not support this feature, pull down the notifications bar and tap on the USB connected message. Then tap on Turn on USB storage. This will connect your Samsung phone to the computer in a way so that you can put files on its external SD card by dragging and dropping. 

Step 2: Create sound folder

After you connected your phone as USB storage, open the SD card on your phone. On the SD card, create a folder called Audio. Inside that folder, create three more folders. One called Ringtones, another called Alarms, and a third one called Notifications:

Step 3: Download sounds from Zedge

Visit Zedge to access 700,000 sound effects: http://www.zedge.net/ringtones/0-4-1/ 

Download any sound you like. Copy the downloaded file into one of the folders that we created. Let’s copy a sound effect into the Alarms folder to exemplify what we’re doing:

Step 4: Assign sound effect

Disconnect the phone from the computer. Next, we’ll assign the downloaded sound effect to an Alarm.

From here on, the instructions may be different depending on the Samsung model and firmware version you have

On devices running Gingerbread, open the Alarm app (as if you would be setting up an alarm). Now you have to navigate to the SD card, find the Alarms folder, and select the file you downloaded from Zedge. The path may be: tap Alarm tone > Go to my files > Up > external_sd > Audio > Alarms.

On devices running Android Jelly Bean: skip the next three images and follow instructions further down below.

On devices running Jelly Bean, open the Alarm app (as if you would be setting up an alarm). In Jelly Bean, we usually do not have to navigate to the external SD card. As long as you placed the file that you downloaded from Zedge into the Alarms folder on the SD card, all you have to do is tap on Alarm tone and then select the file you downloaded.

You have now successfully downloaded a new sound effect from Zedge and assigned it to the Alarm on your Samsung Galaxy. Likewise, you can assign any of the sound effects to Ringtone or Notification sounds by placing the downloaded files from Zedge into the corresponding folder. So if you want to add a Ringtone, connect your phone as USB to the computer, open the Audio folder on the external SD card, and copy the sound file to the Ringtone folder and repeat the procedure above to assign the sound file to a Ringtone. The procedure is identical for assigning sound files to Notification sounds. Pretty cool stuff and it doesn’t cost a penny!