Difficulty Level: Advanced User. Required Time: 5 Minutes.

If you’ve come this far, then you are trying to restore from a Nandroid backup on your Samsung Galaxy but ROM Manager’s ClockWorkMod Recovery displays the error message MD5 Mismatch. Don’t worry about what it means. Let’s just get you back on track right away.

You can use your phone directly or you can connect it to the computer by USB. We’ll be using our phone directly in this guide.

A Word of Caution GalaxyUnlocker is not responsible for any outcome on your mobile device as a result of rooting, flashing, or hacking it. You are fully responsible if your device gets bricked, which can happen if you do not implement procedures correctly. Rooting, flashing, and hacking may void your warranty.

Step 1: Open Backup folder

You have to navigate to the Backup folder that’s inside the ClockworkMod folder on your device and then select the backup you are trying to restore from. The path may be different depending on the type of file explorer you are using. I’m using the free ES File Explorer File Manager, which you can get from the Google Play store. If your phone doesn’t boot up anymore, you’ll have to use a file explorer on your computer. When you get to your backup, do NOT rename the folder! Just use it as is. Using your phone, tap through this path:

ES File Explorer > sdcard (referring to the internal SD Card if that’s where your backups are) > clockworkmod > backup > select your backup

Step 2: Delete Content in Nandroid.md5 file

Open the nandroid.md5 file. Tap the file, select Text, and then select ES Note Editor. Highlight everything in the file and delete it. Tap the Back key, and confirm saving with Yes. If you’re using a computer to open the file, open it with Text Editor.

That’s it. The content in the nandroid.md5 file caused the error. When ClockWorkMod does a Nandroid backup, it checks against the numbers in the nandroid.md5 file. When numbers don’t match up, it causes the MD5 Mismatch error. By deleting the content in the file, you force it to skip this step.

Try to restore again from the Nandroid backup. It should go through and your beloved device is working again.