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At GalaxyUnlocker our mission is to help the die-hard Samsung fan unleash Samsung Galaxy's awesome features by providing easy to understand Hacks, the best custom ROMs, the latest firmware updates, the easiest rooting solutions, and the most comprehensive Samsung unlocking service on the planet.

Samsung Unlock Software

GalaxyUnlocker is unlock software that unlocks over 1500 Samsung phones and tablets. Unlocking lets you use your device on any network service provider that uses SIM cards. A standard USB cable is required to connect your device to the computer to use the unlock software. The entire process takes only minutes after the software is installed to your PC.

Mark Galaxy

I'm Mark Galaxy and I'm a Samsung & Android user and abuser, creator of the GalaxyUnlocker software and author for Samsung and Android how-to guides.

Together with my developer team, I've repaired, tweaked, enhanced, flashed, unlocked, and debranded thousands of Samsung cell phones in the past years for phone and unlock shops, and for proud Samsung owners like you.

My Promise To You

I will make your Samsung mobile phone or tablet work on any compatible network that uses SIM cards. Every Samsung device will be unlocked or your money back! All services will be delivered instantly after payment. I will help you in a timely manner with all your questions or concerns before, during, and after using my services. 
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