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Reviews Convert Best!

From experience, we can say that if you do a good product review with high quality pictures of our GalaxyUnlocker unlocking software and link to our website, a specific product page, or to the download page, chances are very high that your referral converts well. Of course you need to have targeted traffic. The more thematic your website is around Samsung mobile or Android, the better.  

One way to do a product review would be to unlock your own Samsung phone with our software and then write about the process on your website.

If you want to do a product review, please contact us.

We Pay 10% On The Sales Price!

The highest priced item sells for US $29. That means US $2.90 in your pocket per sale. The lowest priced item sells for for US $19, which means US $1.90 for you per sale. Our software can unlock over 1500 different Samsung Mobile products. If you create content around Samsung phones or tablets, it's easy to include a link for unlocking since the unlocking service is directly related to the Samsung device. 

Anyone Can Sign Up!

Ready to sign up? Go to Wigify and create an account. Once signed up, do a shop search for GalaxyUnlocker.

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