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How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M380K

To start unlocking Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M380K, please read every step carefully and your Samsung device will be unlocked in minutes.

These are instructions with fewer details. If you prefer instructions with pictures, please skip this guide and download the PDF version here:

  1. Shut down your PC’s firewall and antivirus. Connect to the Internet with a standard high speed connection and not a wireless modem, a VPN, or a Proxy. Unlock at home and not at a company.

  2. Download the unlock software and install all items.

  3. If you have the software Samsung Kies or PC Studio installed, uninstall it from your PC. Reboot computer.

  4. Insert original SIM and turn tablet on. If you don’t have one, don’t insert any. In case you see the “Tablet Freeze” error, don’t use any SIM either.

  5. On your tablet, make sure Bluetooth is turned off. Increase screen time out to the maximum if available. 

  6. On your tablet, turn on USB Debugging: Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and checkmark the box. On some tablets, the path may be Settings > Programs > Development > USB debugging or Settings > Developer options > USB debugging.

  7. Connect tablet to PC. Select Kies Mode in case the tablet gives you the option to do that.

  8. Launch GalaxyUnlocker software on your PC. Enter your username and password and connect (if you don’t have one, buy it here).

  9. Press the Rescan button. If the unlock software gives you the error that ports have not been set correctly, download the PDF guide above and go to step 10 at the end of the document to see how to set ports correctly.

  10. Click Read Unlock Codes, write down the unlock code, disconnect the tablet from PC and insert non-original SIM card (borrow one if you don’t have one). Enter the unlock code. If the Read Unlock Codes method did not work, please use the Direct Unlock button, which unlocks the phone automatically.

  11. Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M380K is now unlocked.


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